Bay City Regional Airport, conveniently located in Matagorda County, is a full-service airport suited to meet the needs of today’s pilot. We offer the following amenities; competitive pricing on Full and Self-Serve Jet A — with or without additive, self and assisted/full-service 100LL, a full line of AeroShell engine oils, a corporate sleep lounge, WiFi, satellite television, Flight center, crew car, aircraft tie downs, community hangar space, T-hangars and fast friendly service. Should you have any special need, please feel free to contact us. Information on area hotels, restaurants, rental car services and taxi services is available on the LOCAL INFORMATION page.



• Ice machine

• Restrooms (24-hour access)

• Pilot Lounge

• Complimentary Coffee

• Complimentary Water

• Vending Machine/Snack/Water

• Flight Services Desk with Printer


2016-2017 Accomplishments

• Installed security fencing and access gates

• Upgraded terminal building windows

• Upgraded electrical in A row t-hangars

• Upgraded Wi-Fi & computer access

• Upgraded aircraft landing approach lights (PAPI’s)

• Upgraded ramp lighting for better visibility/security

• Completed engineering for avgas relocation

• Completed engineering to replace airfield lighting

• Completed engineering to relocate/repair drainage

• Applied for Homeland Security emergency generator


2017-2018 OBJECTIVES

• Promote BYY as business/general aviation destination

• Upgrade terminal building, t-hangars & main hangar

• Upgrade electrical on t-hangars

• Relocate and upgrade the avgas fuel system

• Upgrade Jet-A fuel system

• Complete phase 1 of the TW A relocation (drainage)

• Replace airfield lighting system

• Implement emergency generator: landing lights, fuel system and terminal

• Add additional terminal building parking

Bay city regional airport
Where everyone is a VIP!

Bay city regional airport
Where everyone is a VIP!